Place Grand Public and the City Hall of Paris wished to invite the Parisian and Ile-de-France public to a trip to an agricultural and horticultural world for the Pentecost weekend via a symbolic installation of biodiversity, a plant and human work carried out by Gad Weil: BiodiversiTerre. It sets out the ecological stakes and the responsibility of the man in front of his environment, according to an entertaining walk full of discoveries and simple pleasures. Six live and interactive paintings will allow visitors to understand and react to the problems and bets of the future, each painting being a facet reflecting a contemporary and active image of biodiversity and agro-ecology.
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Nevertheless, like all Gad Weil's creations, BiodiversiTerre also has a resolutely pedagogical will: to provoke vocations and to tell the daily life of the professionals who put all their energy to protect, cultivate, develop the French campaigns and the urban plant spaces. This is why BiodiversiTerre puts the history of agriculture in parallel with that of new urban productions so that the circular economy lives.
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